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Alexandretta and Hatay

14th April 1938 - 16th April 1938

  French colony 34d
  Turkish entity 1

  1938 Sc1 SG1 1938 Sc1 SG32 xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Alexandretta, Syrian stamps overprinted and surcharged
10 centimes violet brown   1 1      
other values 20c to 12.50 piasters   2-12 2-12      
Hatay, Turkish stamps surcharged
10 santims on 20pa deep orange   1 32      
other values 25s to 20 kurush   2-11 33-42      

Gibbons [1] numbers contiguoiusly from Alexandretta to Hatay.

Scott [2] states, "Included in the Syrian territory mandated to France under the Versailles Treaty, the name was changed to Hatay
in 1938. The following year France returned the territory to Turkey in exchange for certain concessions".