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1st January 1986

Caribbean 27

Aruba SG1
  1968 Sc1 SG5 1968 Sc18 SG1 xxx

perf 14x13 (hor, 13x14 vert), no wmk, litho
Printed by J. Enschedé & Sons, Haarlem.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
5 cents, traditional house   1 5      
30c, snake   5 9      
60c, water skier   9 15      
150c, watapana tree   15 23      

Scott [1] lists 16 stamps in the first set and Gibbons 24, but only the four shown were issued on the first day. Gibbons lists another set first.

Aruba was part of Netherlands Antilles until 1st January 1986 when it was granted internal autonomy as pat of the Netherlands.