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Austria, Offices abroad

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Austria - Austria-Hungary - Offices in Crete - Offices in the Turkish Empire - Lombardy-Venetia

Offices in the Turkish Empire

1st June 1867

  Sc #1, orange Sc #1a, yellow  

Perforated 9½, watermark BRIEF-MARKEN, coarse print, typographed.
Printed by Vienna State Printing Works.

Description Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Notes
2 soldi orange 1 1     SG "yellow to orange"
2 sld yellow 1a        
Sc2-7 other values with colour and shade variations.


Offices in Crete


Austrian Offices in Crete
  1903 SC1-7 xxx

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Austria surcharged in black, perf 12½, 13½
5 centimes on 5 heller blue   1 F1      
10c on 10c rose   2 F2      
25c on 25h ultra   3 F3      
50c on 50h grey   4 F4      
1 franc on 1 krone carmine rose   5 F5      
2f on 2k grey-lilac 1904 6 F6      
4f on 4k green 1904 7 F7      

Year of issue, where other than 1903.
Scott notes numerous perf variants.

Gibbons [2] states that although stamps surcharged in French denominations are generally regarded as for use in Crete, they were sold and used in many offices in the Turkish Empire.