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1st July 1849

Europe 3

BEL wm
  Belgium #1 Belgium #2 Belgium LL watermark  

Imperforate, watermark 'LL' in frame,
thick or thin handmade paper
King Leopold I engraved by JH Robinson after a portrait by C. Baugneir, under the guidance of Jacques Wiener.
Printed by the Tecess Stamp Works, Brussels.

Description Scott # S.G. # Mi# Y&T#
10 centimes brown 1 1    
20 centimes greenish blue 2 2    

Belgium passed the necessary legislation for postal reform in 1847, a year before France, but was slow to implement the service.

Gibbons Pt.4, 5th edn., 2003
Scott Classic, 10th edn., 2003

Images from David Olson and Gibbons.

FI ref: 10 Page credit: NB

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