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British Honduras

January 1866

subsequently Belize

British Colony 21

  British Honduras Sc1  

perf 14, no watermark, typographed
Printed by De La Rue, London

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
1 penny pale blue   1 1      
1d blue   1b 2      
6d rose   2 3      
1 shilling green   3 4      
Vertical gutter pair SC1 and Sc3   3a 4b     $22,500 In ScC 2004, £25,000 in SGP1 2004
Horizontal gutter pair Sc2 and Sc3   3b 4a     $15,500 In ScC 2004, £18,000 in SGP1 2004

Interpanneau block
SC2 and Sc3

Turning again to Mackay [1], he states "Both Honduras and British Honduras introduced stamps in January 1866. British stamps had been used … from 1858 to 1860 [and then] the archaic system of hand-stamping mail was re-introduced." He continues, "As an economy measure all three denominations were printed in the same sheet separated by horizontal and vertical gutter margins. The sheet comprised two panes of sixty 1d stamps at the top, with panes of sixty 6d and 1s stamps at bottom right and left, so that interpanneau pairs of stamps of different denominations are possible, though extremely rare. Later printings of the 1d stamp were made in sheets without the other denominations."
The image of the interpanneau block is from Spink. There is no indication of the auction result.

Belize Hurricane Relief
1932 Sc-B1 SG138
o/p Sc91 SG126
1964 Sc182 SG217 1973 Sc312 SG347

Changes of Administration

This Central American region bordering Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean became a Crown Colony in 1862, was granted self-government in 1964 and changed its name to Belize in 1973, though notably, the first Charity stamp, issued in 1932 following a hurricane, was for the Belize Relief Fund.