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Canton Zurich, Switzerland

Wednesday, March 1, 1843

  Swiss Canton 1

Zurich 2
Canton Zurich Scott #1L1

Imperforate, no watermark, lithographed. Printed by Orell Füssli, & Cie, Zurich.


Description     Scott SG Mi Y&T
March 1, 1843
4 rappen black
    1L1 Z1    
6 rappen black
    1L2 Z2    

Zurich entire

The 4 rappen stamp is inscribed Local-Taxe and was used for mail within the city of Zurich. The 6 rappen is inscribed Cantonal-Taxe and was used for mail within the canton, but outside of the city.

There are 5 different types. Printed on white paper, with vertical red lines in the background. These red lines were applied just before use. The gum has brown colour. The plate layout was somewhat unusual, arranged as 20 rows of 5 stamps each.

In 1846 the stamps were issued with the red lines applied horizontally.

A reprint on paper without red lines was made in 1862 before the lithographic stones were destroyed.

Local letters in Zurich were cancelled in red, others in black. Blue cancels were used after federation in January 1849.

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