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Chinese Provinces

1915 - 1933

Chinese Provinces 1-4  

Yunnan SG1
Manchuria SG1
Szechwan SG1
Sc SG1
15th August 1926
Sc SG1
18th March 1927
Sc SG1
Sc SG1

Chinese Provinces, all stamps of China overprinted, all perf 14, no wmk
State Description Seq FI Sc SG Mi Y&T


Manchuria ½ c sepia 3 557 1 1      
Sinkiang ½ c sepia 1 454 1 1      
Szechwan 1c bright orange-yellow 4 568 1 1      
Yunnan ½ c sepia 2 555 1 1      

Gibbons subdivides Manchuria between 1927 Kirin & Heilungchangand and a 1946 entry for North-Eastern Provinces.
Both Scott and Gibbons list two sets: 1915 with the first character of the overprint misaligned, 1916 aligned.

In the first half of 20th century, internal unrest was caused by growing communist factions that eventually took power after WW2 but in the meantime give rise to fragmented and localised postal services.

There is broad agreement between Gibbons and Scott on the listings: Manchuria (1927), Sinkiang (1915), Szechwan (1933) and Yunnan (1926) .

In all four cases, Gibbons cites financial problems as the reason for the separate issue, the local currency losing value against standard silver coinage.

Sources: ScC, SGP17.

Images from NB, colnect, Delcampe, ebay.

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