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Communist China

Regional Issues

1941 - 1949

Chinese Entities    

In 1937, from their base in Manchuria, Japan invaded China and the communist and nationalist forces cooperated to oppose them. The struggle lasted until Japan's global defeat in 1945, at which point the communist forces held around two-thirds of the previously Japanese territory. Hostilities then resumed between the communist and nationalist forces with the communists wining the decisive battle of Hwai-Hai in 1949 which led to overall victory. During this conflict, postal services were administered on a regional basis, although the regional stamps could be used throughout China. With the proclamation of the People's Republic in 1949, general issues replaced all locals with the exception of North-East China which did not adopt the national currency until 1951.

While Gibbons and Scott use broadly the same geographical headings, the contents and organisation within are inconsistent. There are subdivisions within the main geographical areas and these are beyond the scope of this page.

NW China 4L1
NE China 1L1
N China
Port Arthur 2L1
North-West China
North-East China
North China
Port Arthur and Dairen
1945 Sc-4L1 SG-NW15A 1946 Sc-1L1 SG-NE133 1946 Sc3L1 SG-NC17 1946 Sc-2L1 SH?

East China
Central China 6L1
SChina 7L1
SW China 8L1
East China
Central China
South China
South-West China
1948 Sc-5L1 SG-EC120 1949 Sc-6L1 SG-CC45 1949 Sc-7L1 SG-CC201 1949 Sc-8L1 SG-SW9


Region Date Description Format Seq FI Scott SG Mi Y&T Notes
Central China 4 Jun 1949 $1 on $200 red orange China surch. 6 - 6L1 CC45    
East China Mar 1948 $50 yellow-orange perf 10½, litho 5 - 5L1 EC120    
North China Mar 1946 $1 red-brown perf 10½, wmk wavy lines 3 590 3L1 NC17    
North-East China Feb 1946 $1 violet perf 11, no wmk, litho 2 - 1L1 NE133    
North-West China Mar 1945 $1 green imperf, litho 1 - 4L1 NW15A    
Port Arthur and Dairen 15 Mar 1946 20f on 30ff buff Manchukuo surch. 4 - 2L1 ?    
South China 4 Nov 1949 $10 green imperf, litho 7 - 7L1 CC201    
South-West China Dec 1949 $10 deep blue perf 12½, litho 8 - 8L1 SW9    

1. North-East China - Gibbons lists many more sub-regions than Scott the Scott 1L1 is SG-NE133, in section 7, North-East China People's Post.
2. Gibbons includes Port Arthur and Dairen as section 2 of North East China. The Scott 2L1 was not found.
3. North China - Gibbons begins the region in 1937 with the Shanxi-Chahar-Heibi border area. Scott 3L1 is Gibbons NC17.
4. For North-West China, Gibbons equivalent for 4L1 is the first from section 2, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, SG-NW15A.
5. East China 5L1 is SG-EC120.
6. Gibbons combines Central and South China. 6L1 is section 2, Hubei SG-CC45. 7L1 is section 5, South China, SG-CC201.
7. For South-West China, 8L1 is in Gibbons section 2, S-WC People's Post SG-SW9.

Sources: ScS, SGP17.

Image from Kelleher Auctions, NB, StampCircuit, ebay.

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