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Eastern Silesia


  Plebiscites 1

Eastern Silesia
  selection of Eastern Silesia imperf xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Czechoslovakia overprinted in black, blue, violet or red, imperf
1 heller dark brown   1 1      
other values 3h to 1000h   2-21 2-22      
perf 11½, 13½
values 1h to 200h   22-30 23-38      

Eastern Silesia, Polish o/p
Poland o/p
1920 Sc41 SG57

Gibbons [1] notes that the area was disputed by Czechoslovakia and Poland. Although a plebiscite was intended, it was never held due to civil disorder and the Counci of Ambassadors divided the area between the two parties in July 1920.
There is also a series overprints on the stamps of Poland (Sc41-50, SG57-66).

The "S.O." stands for Silésie Orientale.

Sources: ScC, SGP5 [1].

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