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18th March 1869

British Colony 28

  Gambia Sc1 SG2  

imperf, no wmk, typographed and embossed
Printed by De La Rue, London

Description Date issued Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
4 pence pale brown 1871 1 2      
4d brown 1869 1a 1      
6d deep blue 1869 2 3      
6d blue 1869 2a 3a      
6d pale blue 1872 2b 4      


The Gambia Cameos, typographed and engraved (an unusual process for De La Rue) were used for 30 years. They remained unperforated until 1880, which Mackay [1] describes as "something of an anachronism after perforation had been well established for over a decade".

Changes of Administration

1963 Sc188 SG206 1965 Sc206 SG211 1970 Sc247 SG265

Gambia was granted full internal self-government on 4th October 1963, achieved independence on 18th February 1965 and became a republic within the Commonwealth on 24th April 1970.