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German Offices Abroad

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Offices abroad are sometimes dealt with on the detail page of the country where the office is located, sometimes on the page of the country operating the office and sometimes on a separate page such as this. The decision is a pragmatic one, largely based on the number of offices involved.

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China - Kiauchau - Morocco - Turkey -

  German Offices    
German Offices in Turkey
1884 Sc1 SG1 FICC#216


Germany opened a postal agency in Constantinople in March 1870, followed by offices in Jaffa, Beirut, Jerusalem and Smyrna. At first these used unaltered German stamps, identifiable only by cancellation, and these are prefixed "Z" in Gibbons [1]. From 1884, surcharged German stamps were used. The first set comprised values from 10 paras to 2½ piasters, numbered Sc1-6, SG1-8. Sc1-3 are shown.

Germany China Sc1a
Germany China Sc6a
1898 Sc1a SG7a 1898 Sc6a SG6


German stamps of 1889-90 overprinted in black. There are two versions of the overprint and a full table is needed to capture the catalogue differences.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
December 1898 Stamps of Germany overprinted at 56°
3 pfennigs dark brown   1 7      
3pf yellow brown   1a 7a      
3pf reddish ochre   1b 7b      
5pf green   2 8      
10pf carmine   3 9      
20pf ultra   4 10      
25pf orange   5 11      
50pf red-brown   6 12      
March-June 1898 Stamps of Germany overprinted at 48°
3pf yellow brown   1c 1      
3pf reddish ochre   1d        
3pf grey-brown   1e 1a      
5pf green   2a 2      
10pf carmine   3a 3      
20pf ultra   4a 4      
25pf orange   5a 5      
50pf red-brown   6a 6      

1900 Sc5SG8a

Kiauchau (Kiaochow)

As an additional complication, Germany opened an office in Kiauchau using the German stamps overprinted for China with an additions surcharge overprint.. The Scott listing is far more complicated than Gibbons, taking the underlying different angles of overprint with five different versions of the 5 pfennig (5 Pfg or 5 Pf) surcharge.
All the 1900 issues (Sc1-9 with many variants) are 5pf surcharges on the 10pf China overprint. A representative example is shown. Some of the variants are very expensive and that would encourage forgeries: the Sc5 stamp shown catalogues for more than $2,000 (2009) and was selling on ebay with an authentification certificate from Ronald F. Steuer.

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Office 3