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3rd June 1861

Independence, Grenadines

British Colony 17
Caribbean 8, 23

  Grenada #1 #2  

Perf 14-16, no watermark, engraved.
Printed by Perkins Bacon

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
1 penny green   1 2     May 1862 according to Gibbons
1d blue-green   1a 1      
6d rose   2 3      
6d red-lake   2b 3a     perf 11-12½, May 1862

Scott notes that Sc2b was not issued and that Sc2 imperf is a proof.

Mackay [1] states that, “Unlike the majority of Perkins Bacon contracts of this period, those relating to Grenada were never surrendered to De La Rue, though the latter company typographed the stamps of Grenada from 1993 onwards.”

Grenada Grenadines
1974 Sc528 SG594
o/p Sc294 SG317a
1973 Sc1 SG1
o/p Grenada Sc516 SG582

Changes of Administration

Grenada gained independence in 1974.

Grenada Grenadines comprises the islands of Carriacou and Ronde: Gibbons also mentions Petite Martinique. From 1999 (Sc2117, SG2779, another royal wedding), stamps were inscribed "Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique". These stamps are produced for sale to thematicists, not for those wishing to post letters.