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Costa Rican Province 1  

  1885 Sc1 SG-G1A xxx

perf 12, no wmk,
Printed at the National Printing Works, San José.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
16mm black overprint
1 centavo green   1 G1A      
1c green "Gnanacaste"   - G1aA      
2c carmine   2 G2A      
2c carmine "Gnanacaste"   2a G2aA      
10c orange   3 G4A      
10c orange "Gnanacaste"   3a G4aA      
16mm red overprint
1c green   4 G1B      
1c green "Gnanacaste"   4a G1aB      
1c green overprinted in black and red   4b G1bA      
5c blue-violet   5 G3B      
5c blue-violet "Gnanacaste"   5a G3aB      
40c blue   6 G5B      
17½mm black overprint
1c green   7 G6A      
2c carmine   8 G7A      
5c blue-violet   9 G8A      
10c orange   10 G9A      
40c blue   11 G10A      
17½mm red overprint
5c blue-violet   12 G8B      
40c blue   13 G10B      
18½mm black overprint
2c carmine   14 G12      
10c orange   15 G14      
18½mm red overprint
1c green   16 G11      
1c green overprinted in black and red   16a G11a      
5c blue-violet   17 G13      
40c blue   18 G15      
18½mm black vertical overprint
1c green   19 G16      
2c carmine   20 G17      
5c blue-violet   21 G18      
10c orange   22 G19      

the listing continues in Scott [1] with vertical overprints in five different fonts, Sc23-41, and Gibbons [2] similarly. SG-G20-G35.
15¾mm in Gibbons.

Residents of Guanacaste were allowed to buy Costa Rican stamps, overprinted “Guanacaste,” at a discount from face value because of the province’s isolation and climate, which made it difficult to keep mint stamps. Use was restricted to the province. The discount ended in 1891.