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Italian Colonies

General Issue

11th July 1932

Italian colony 7

ItCols Sc1
ItCols SG1
  Sc1 SG18
Sc13 SG1

both sets perf 14, wmk Crown

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Overprinted in red or black on Italy Alighieri Society issue
10 centesimi slate   1 18      
other values 15c to 10+2.50 lire   2-12 19-29      

These stamps were issued in the period 1932-34 for use in Cyrenaica, Eritrea, Italian Somaliland and Tripolitana. There were several sets: Scott [1] starts with the Dante Alighieri Society issue (Sc1-12, SG18-29), Gibbons begins with the Garibaldi issue (Sc13-22, SG1-10).

Sources: ScS [1], SGP8 [2].

Image from ebay.

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