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24th February 1862

- Changes of Administation - Innovations

Europe 18

  Italy Sc17 SG1  

Perf 11½ x 12, no watermark, typographed, head embossed.
Printed by F. Matraire, Turin

Description Date issued Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T# Notes
10 centisimi bister 24th Feb 1862 17 1 9 1 YT bistre
10c yellow-brown   17a 1d 9b 2 SG yellow bistre; Mi gelbbraun; YT bistre-jaune
10c brown   17b 1b 9a 2a SG bistre-brown; Mi braun; YT brun
10c dark olive brown   17c        
10c dark brown   17d 1a     SG deep bistre
10c olive bister   17e 1c     SG olive-bistre
10c reddish orange   17f        
20c dark blue 1st Mar 1862 18        
20c blue   18a 2c 10 3 SG blue; Mi blau; YT bleu
20c pale blue   18b        
20c pale milky blue   18c 2a     SG indigo
20c gray blue   18d 2b     SG violet blue
20c deep dark blue   18e        
40c red 10th Apr 1862 20 3a 11 4 SG rose-red; Mi karmin; YT rouge
40c pale rose   20a 3c     SG rose
40c bright carmine red   20b 3b     SG deep red
80c orange 3rd Oct 1862 21 4a 12 5 SG orange-yellow; Mi gelb; YT jaune-rouge
80c bright yellow   21a 4c     SG yellow
80c dark yellow   21b        
80c olive yellow   21c        

The colours named are from Scott: matching the colour descriptions from Gibbons is normally pretty straightforward but in this case is largely guesswork. There is no SG4b.

Italy’s 24th February 1862 #1 had a rather complicated gestation. The Italian states were united by 1860 under Sardinia’s King Victor Emmanuel II but national stamps were not issued for two years. During that period the states’ stamps were still used, gradually replaced by the stamps of Sardinia and then the 1862 national stamps that were the Sardinian issues with perforations.

Changes of Administration

Italian Social Republic
Allied Military Government
The Republic
1944 Sc1 SG57 1943 Sc1N1 SG583 1946 Sc478 SG678

Following Italy’s surrender in 1943, Mussolini established the Italian Social Republic, which used Italian overprints. Allied Military Government stamps were issued in 1943 and the Republic was established in 1946.


World's First Airmail
World's First Parcel Post stamp
World's First Pneumatic Post
World's First Stereoscopic stamps
1917 SG102 Sc-C1
Express o/p
1884 Sc-Q1 SG-P38 1913 Sc-D1 SG-PE96 1956 Sc718-19 SG940-41

Italy has the distinction of the first ever airmail, a 1917 overprint.
They also brought to the world parcel post (1884), pneumatic post (1913, five cities linked by pneumatic tubes) and stereoscopic stamps (1956, special glasses required).