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1st December 1948

- Occupation

Malayan State 11


#1 perf 14x 15 , multiple script CA wmk, photo by Waterlow
#2 perf 11½x11, multiple script CA wmk, typo by Bradbury Wilkinson

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
10 cents violet   1 1      
$5 brown   2 2      

1965 Sc67 SG61

Malacca is on the western coast of the Malay peninsulsar. It was one of the Straits Settlements which joined the Federation of Malaya in February 1948. In September 1963 it became part of Malaysia, but stamps continued to be issued inscribed Malacca between 1965 and 1986.

Japanese Occupation
1942 Sc-NJ1 SG-JD15


Scott [1] lists occupation stamps specifically for Malacca issued (obviously) before its first normal postage stamp, a series of Straits Settlements overprints, Sc-N1 to N14, though noting that N9, N13 and N14 were "not regularly issued. The handstamp used covers four stamps. The example shown is from a block of post due labels, found on ebay and selling for $4,000 expertised.

Sources: ScS [1], SGP1.

Images from ebay.

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