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Mount Athos (Greece)

16th May 2008

Europe 17a  

Mount Athos 1 to 5
  text xxx

perf 13¼x13, litho with foil application

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
40 cents multi + label   1        
60c multi + label   2        
70c multi + label   3        
2€ multi + label   4        
4€ multi + label   5        

No Gibbons listing found as at 22nd August 2017.

Wikipedia states,

"Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in northeastern Greece and an important centre of Eastern Orthodox monasticism. It is governed as an autonomous polity within the Greek Republic. Mount Athos is home to 20 monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople…
Although Mount Athos is technically part of the European Union like the rest of Greece, the status of the Monastic State of the Holy Mountain, and the jurisdiction of the Athonite institutions, were expressly described and ratified upon admission of Greece to the European Community (precursor to the EU). The free movement of people and goods in its territory is prohibited, unless formal permission is granted by the Monastic State's authorities, and only males are allowed to enter. "

Sources: ScS, SGS, Wikipedia

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