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1st December 1948

Malayan State 13  

Perlis SG1-2

#1 perf 14x 15 , multiple script CA wmk, photo by Waterlow
#2 perf 11½x11, multiple script CA wmk, typo by Bradbury Wilkinson

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
10 cents violet   1 1      
$5 brown   2 2      

Perlis SG41
1965 Sc40 SG41

Perlis is on the west coast of the Malay peninsulsar. Control was passed from Thailand to GB in 1909 and a Treaty of Friendship was signed in April 1930. Perlis joined the Federation of Malaya in February 1948 and became part of Malaysia in 1963.

Sources: ScS, SGP1.

Images from ebay.

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