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Saudi Arabia

20th August 1916

- Changes of Administration

Middle East 2

Saudi Arabia L1
  L1 xxx

perf 10, 12, no wmk, typo
Printed by Survey of Egypt, Cairo

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
¼ piaster green   L1 1      
½p red   L2 2, 5      
1p blue   L3 3, 6      

Gibbons distinguishes between the perf 10 and perf 12 versions and also identifies shades of the 1p value. Note that the first stamp design for the ¼p green was issued as perf 12 (Oct 1916 Sc-L1 SG1), roul 20 (Dec 1916 Sc-L5 SG8), serrated roul 13 (Nov 1917 Sc-L10 SG13) and with overprints.

The Hejaz is in the western part of Arabia and includes the holy cities of Mecca and Modina. This was part of the Turkish Empire from C16th. In June 1916, Hussein, the Grand Sherif of Mecca, proclaimed an Arab State and the Turks were driven out (Lawrence of Arabia played a part in this).
Nejd, the central part of Arabia, was controlled by the Wahabis and in 1923 they began expanding into other areas, taking Hejaz by the end of 1925. The Hejaz ruler abdicated and Ibn Saud was proclaimed King of Nejdi and Sultan of Nejd and later king of both.
In September 1932 the kingdom was renamed Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia  L1
Saudi Arabia 1
Saudi Arabia  138
Nejdi occupation of Hejaz
Hejaz and Nejd
Saudi Arabia
1916 Sc-L1 SG1 1925 Sc1 SG190 1926 Sc69 SG254 1934 Sc138 SG316

This is available perf 11½ or imperf.

Country, Phases
Oct 1916 - Jun 1925
Nejdi occupation of Hejaz
Mar 1925 - Dec 1925
Hejaz and Nejd
Feb 1926 - 1932
Kingdom of Hejaz-Nejd
Saudi Arabia
Jan 1934 +
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sources: ScS, SGP19.

Images from TB.

FI ref: 462, 550, 554, 571 Page credit: NB

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