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South Russia: Crimea, Special Conference on South Russian Government

August, 1920

South Russia 1g  

South Russia Scott #53 and #55
  South Russia Scott #53 and #55 xxx

Perforated 14 x 14½ and imperforate, wove paper, no watermark, typographed.
Printed at the Gubernia Typographic Office in Symferopol.


General Wrangel issue. Surcharge on Russian stamps of 1909 - 17
Description Perforation # issued Scott #
August (12?), 1920
5 rubels on 5 kopecks claret
140,000 55
5 rubels on 5 kopecks claret
14 x 14½
140,000 53
September 15, 1920
5 rubels on 35 kopecks light blue
26,000 57
October (2?), 1920
5 rubels on 20 kopecks dull blue & dark carmine
14 x 14½
100,500 54

All issue quantities are approximate.

Issued by the Special Conference on South Russian Government, headed by Baron General Pyotr Wrangel, in August of 1920. The August 20 date given in catalogues rests on nothing more than conjecture; a cancelled-by-favour multiple (probably on the first day of issue) is known postmarked Sevastopol 2, Aug. 12, 1920.

The first stamps issued were surcharges on contemporary 5 kopecks stamps, both imperforate and perforated (various printings). The surcharging was done hastily - examples of these with well-centered surcharges are actually much scarcer than the poorly executed ones which are irrationally (over-)valued in catalogues. Mint remainders are in adequate supply relative to demand for them; genuinely used examples are rare.

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