Europe 31

Issues for Dedeagatz
Issues for Gumultsina
  1913 Greek Occ Turkey Sc-N179
Thrace SG1
1913 Sc1 SG1 xxx

Description Gibbons Scott
A. Greek Occupation, 1913    
Issues for Dedeagatz SG1-22 Greece / Occupation of Turkey / Dedeagatch Sc-N179 - N201
Issues for Gumultsina SG1-4 Sc1-4
B. Autonomous Govt. of Western Thrace SG1-27 Sc5-33
C. Allied Occupation SG28-55 Sc-N21-N25
D. Greek Occupation, 1920 SG61-111 Sc-N26-N54, Western Thrace
Sc-N55-N84, Eastern and Western Thrace

Thrace is treated very differently in Scott and Gibbons, as shown in the table, although both begin in 1913. The "first #1s" of both catalogues are shown above and the first issue of the remaining Thrace categories are shown below.

Dedeagatch Sc179-181

Scott [1] notes, "Nos. N179-N181 issued without gum in sheets of 8, consisting of one 5 lepta, three 10l normal, one 10l inverted, three 25l and one blank. The sheet yields se-tenant pairs of 5l & 10l, 10l & 25l; tête beche pairs of 5l & 10l, 10l & 25l and 10l & 10l. Also issued imperf."

As regards its history, Thrace was another of the entities with an ancient pedigree that (in philatelic and modern geopolitical terms) arose from the Balkan Wars and WW1. The territory was divided between Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria in 1920 under the Treaty of Sèvres.

Western Thrace
Allied Occupation
Greek Occupation, W. Thrace
Greek Occupation, E. & W. Thrace
1913 Sc5 SG1 1919 Sc-N21 SG40 1920 Sc-N26 SG61 1920 Sc-N55 SG93

There were various formats of this overprint. Scott starts with a single line diagonal, Gibbons with a two-line horizontal. The Scott is shown.