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1st May 1870

South African State 4

  Transvaal Sc4  

no wmk, typographed
Printed by Adolph Otto, Gustrow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
1 penny brown-lake   1 1      
1d red   1a 1a      
6d ultra   2 2, 2a      
1 shilling dark green   3 3      
Rouletted 15½, 16
1d red   4 4a, 4b, 4c 1C    
1d brown-lake   4a 4      
6d ultra   5 5, 5a      
1/- blue-green   6 6b      
1/- yellowish-green   6a 6a      
1/- deep green   6b 6      



Occupation Issues

First British Occupation
Second Republic
Second British Occupation
1877 Sc50 SG86 1882 Sc118 SG170 1900 Sc202 SG226

Date Event First stamp Overprint / Surcharge Sc#
1877 First British Occupation SG86 (o/p SG44) 3d lilac V.R. / TRANSVAAL. 50
1881 Second Republic 1882 SG170 (surch SG136) 4d sage-green EEN PENNY (initial caps larger) 118
1899 Second British Occupation 1900 SG226 (o/p SG216) ½d green V.R.I. 202

Both catalogues note specific cancellations and overprints for Pietersburg (Sc175 SG1), Lyndenburg (Sc214, SG1), Rustenburg (not in Sc, SG1) and Wolmaransstad (Sc237 SG1).

Sources: ScC, SGP1.

Images from Delcampe, NB, TB.

FI ref: 159 Page credit: NB

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