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Trieste, Zones A and B

1st October 1947 and 1948

Europe 53, 53a

Zone A
Zone B
  1947 Sc1 1948 Sc1 xxx

Zone B
1948 Sc 3, Sc1, Sc2 Strip of three Sc1a, SG-B1a

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Zone A, overprints of Italian stamps
25 centesimi greenish blue   1 1      
other values 50c to 100 lire   2-14 2-17      
Zone B, perf 10½x11, no wm, lithographed
1 lira carmine-red and stone   1 B2     Italian
  2 B3     Croatian
  3 B1     Slovene

Gibbons' initial listing block includes three overprints issued in 1948, Sc15-17.
The inscriptions can be seen on the block shown above: Italian MAGGIO; Croation SVIBANJ; Slovene MAJ.

Scott lists Zone A under Italian Offices and Zone B under Yugoslavia. Gibbons lists both Zones under Trieste in Part 3, Balkans.

From 1945 to 1947, the stamps of Venezia Giulia (Italian stamps overprinted "A.M.G. V.G" were used in this area.
The Free Territory of Trieste was created through the 1947 Treaty of Paris.
Zone A, administered by the US and GB military included the city of Trieste and a coastal strip to the west.
Zone B, including villages to the south of Trieste, was under Yugoslav military administration.
In October 1954, most of Zone A was assigned to Italy and Zone B plus some villages from Zone A assigned to Yugosalvia. This was finally ratified by Italy and Yugosalvia in 1975.

Italian Occupation
1918 Austria N1
see left § SG31

Occupation Issue

Venezia Giulia
This area was historically part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Scott has a listing under Austria / Occupation Stamps / Issues under Italian Ocupation / Issued in Trieste. In Gibbons, this is § Part 2, Austria and Hungary, Austrian Territories Aquired by Italy, II. Venezia Giulia.

Gibbons notes, "Trieste, Gorizia and the adjoining areas, with the Istrian peninsular, were … occupied in 1918 and awarded to Italy in 1919.

Sources: ScS, SGP2 & 3.

Image from David Olson, ebay, Colnect.

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