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Archive Page 2 from September to December 2016

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Date Event
24th Dec 2016 900 up and new flag Hungary on 23rd.
flags 24Dec 16
8th Dec 2016 Still no Alexa rating, but the supposed value has been restored.
5th Dec 2016 800 up, recent new flags: Malaysia (MZ) 5th Dec; Romania (RO) 5th Dec; Oman (OM) 26th Nov; Syria (SY) 24th Nov; Azerbaijan (AZ) 13th Nov; Denmark (DK) 9th Nov.
1st Dec 2016 Despite reasonable traffic, our Alexa rating has fallen below 30M and the supposed value plummeted.
17th Nov 2016 700 up.
1st Nov 2016 Monthly report and 600 up. flag 1Nov 16
16th Oct 2016 500 up 500a 500b
12th Oct 2016 I had hoped to complete the initial page build for Africa before travelling to Munich tomorrow for a beer tour, but I've been distracted by a 1954 edition of LIFE Magazine.
1st Oct 2016
dlag1Oct worth visits WW1Oct16
21st Sep 2016 flags
I noted in the forum yesterday that a few hours after I posted a page on Portuguese Guinea and the Mozambique error and commented on the error in the forum, the site had its first visitor from Mozambique.
9th Sep 2016 Just bought six 2006 Michel catalogues on ebay for £7 ($9.66) each.
24th Aug 2016 Nearing the end of the Middle East conveniently just before a trip to Scotland to visit some steam rail conservation lines. I will take one or more volumes of Africa Since Independence to make a start on that.
22nd Aug 2016 There's been a flurry of activity in the flags and so I thought I would rerun the valuations.
The Alexa rating is above 30M, so WorthofWeb allowed a recalculation, though it fell from $58 to $54. Sitesworth is creeping up.
flags Val2 Val1
5th Aug 2016 Aide memoire, items to include in the next Journal piece 15th Nov
The dates are: circa 15th Feb, 15th May, 15th Aug and 15th Nov.
The August submission was sent yesterday and the following are leftovers and subsequent additions:
  • should we show the prices of stamps, just broadly e.g. $ = <$1, $$=$1-$10, $$$ = $10-$100. Or perhaps $0, $1 $2, indicating how many zeros to add to get the range.
  • StampWorldHistory - link to the French African colonies flowchart
  • Auction pages
  • Journal index improvement - no entries for Z


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