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1st April 1937

- South Arabia

GB Colony 80

  #1 xxx

perf 13x11½, wmk multiple CAs, engraved
Printed by De La Rue, London

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
½ anna light green   1 1      
9 pies deep green   2 2      
1a sepia   3 3      
2a scarlet   4 4      
2½a bright blue   5 5      
3a carmine   6 6      
3½a grey-blue   7 7      
8a pale purple   8 8      
1 rupee brown   9 9      
2r yellow   10 10      
5r deep purple   11 11      
10r olive green   12 12      

Kathiri State of Seiyun
Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla
Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut
1942 Sc1 SG1 1942 Sc1 SG1 1955 Sc29 SG29

Both Scott and Gibbons number Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut as a continuation of Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla.

Aden eventually became part of Yemen and the full story is told on that page, but its first issue of stamps was under British Rule. Stamps were also issued for neighbouring sheikdoms under British protection (see Wikipedia on the Aden Protectorates).

Federation of South Arabia

25th November 1963

Middle East 11c

Federation of South Arabia
Mahra State
State of Upper Yafa
1963 Sc1 SG1 1967 SG1 1967 SG-UY1

Listed in Gibbons but not in Scott.

In 1963, these entities combined to form the Federation of South Arabia under British rule. When the Federation became independent from Great Britain in 1967, the People's Republic of Southern Yemen was formed.