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Canal Zone

24th June 1904

US Possession 5

Canal Zone Sc1
  1904 Sc1 SG1 xxx

perf 12, no wmk, engraved

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Panama handstamped in violet or violet-blue
2 centavos rose   1 1      
5c blue   2 2      
10c orange   3 3      

Although these are the "stamps of Panama", they are originally the stamps of Colombia overprinted for the Republic of Panama. Previously a department of Colombia, Panama gained independence in 1903. The countries are divided by the canal. The double overprint (especially with one being a handstamp) allows for many variants listed in the catalogues, but not specified in table above.

The Panama Canal: a strip of land 10 miles wide within Panama, joining the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The US bought a lease on the land for $10M and it became a US Government Reservation from 1904 until 1979. It was then jointly controlled by the US and Panama until 1999 when control reverted to Panama.

Sources: ScC, SGP22.

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