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7th July 1899

US Possession 4

Guam Sc1
Guam ScE15
  Sc1 Sc-E1 xxx

Description Type o/p Scott SG Mi Y&T  
US stamps overprinted
1 cent deep green   B 1 1      
2c red IV B 2 2      
2c rose carmine IV B 2a 3      
3c purple   B 3 4      
4c lilac brown   B 4 5      
5c blue   B 5 6      
6c lake   B 6 7      
8c violet brown   B 7 8      
10c brown I B 8 9, 10      
10c brown II B 9      
15c olive-brown   B 10 11      
50c orange   B 11 12      
50c red-orange   B 11a 12a      
$1 black I R 12 13,14      
$1 black II R 13      
10c blue Special Delivery   R E1 E15      

The "types" refer to detail variations in the original US stamps, see US catalogue listings. These are the Scott [1] types: Gibbons [2] distinguishes some variations but less precisely than Scott.
Overprint R(ed) or B(lack). Sc1-13 are horizontal, Sc-E1 the only diagonal o/p.

This is the complete list of stamps from Guam.

One of the Mariana islands in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S.S. Charleston captured Guam in the Spanish-American War of 1898. The island remained under US Navy control (apart from Japanese occupation during WW2, 1941-44) until 1950 when it became an unincorporated territory of the US. US stamps have been used since 1901.