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Cape Juby


Spanish Colony 10


perf 13, no wmk

Description Surch Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Rio de Oro surcharged
5 centimos on 4 pesetas rose violet 1 1, 1a      
10c on 10p dull violet red 2 2      
10c on 10p dull violet violet 2E -      
10c on 10p dull violet blue 2G -      
15c on 50c dark brown green 3 3a      
15c on 50c dark brown red 4 3      
40c on 1p red-violet green 5 4a      
40c on 1p red-violet red 6 4      

SG1 is surcharged in rose-carmine, SG1a in blue [1].

This was an expansion of Spain's Sahara territory with French agreement and administered from Rio de Oro, later renamed Spanish Sahara. It was incorporated into Spanish Sahara in 1950 and ceded to Morocco in 1958.