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first issues > countries > alaouites, ile rouad and latakia

Ile Rouad, 12th January 1916

Alaouites, 1st January 1925

and Latakia, 1st July 1931

Floyd A. Walker (see Syria) writes, "Syria has had an interesting philatelic history. It includes the issues of Alaouites, Ile Rouad, and Latakia, as well as its own #1." Arguably, Alexandretta can also be included.

  French colonies 34a-c

Ile Rouad
  1916 Sc1 SG 1925 Sc1 SG1 1931 Sc1 SG64 xxx

Description $ Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Ile Rouad French Offices in the Levant overprints and surcharge, perf 14x13½ no wmk
5 centimes green 42/22 1 1      
10c rose red 42/22 2 2      
1 piaster on 25c blue 42/22 3 3      
Alaouites French stamps surcharged, perf 14x13½ no wmk
10 centimes on 2c violet browm 40/20 1 1      
other values 25c to 25 piasters   2-21 2-21      
Latakia Syrian stamps overprinted in black or red, perf 12x12½, 13½ no wmk
10 centimes magenta c 1 64      
other values 10c to 100 piasters   2-22 65-85      

Gibbons lists all three entities under Latakia and refers to "Rouad Island (Arwad)". Stamps for Alaouites (SG1-63) are followed by Latakia (SG64-96) with Rouad Island starting again as SG1-16.

Ile Roud - the island of Arwad (called Rouad by the French), was occupied by the French during WW1.

Alaouites - on 1st September 1920 France divided Syria into three autonomous states: Aleppo, Damascus and the Alaouites. On 1st January 1925 Aleppo and Damascus rejoined to become Syria, Alaouites remaining separate.

Latakia - on 22nd May 1930 Alaouties was made a republic and on 22nd September renamed Latakia.