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French West Africa

Afrique Occidentale Française

1st December 1944

French Colony 45

Scott #1
Gibbons #1
  1943 Sc1 1944 Sc-B1 SG1 xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Surcharges on Senegal Sc156
1.50 francs surcharge on Senegal 65c   1 -      
5.50f surcharge   2 -      
50f surcharge   3 -      

French West Africa was formed in 1943, comprising former colonies Senegal, French Guinea, Ivory Coast, Dahomey, French Sudan, Mauritania, Niger and Upper Volta. In 1958 these former colonies became republics, see Mali, Republic of Senegal (1960), Guinea (1958), Ivory Coast Republic (1959), Republic of Dahomey (1960), Islamic Republic of Mauritania (1960), Republic of Niger (1959) and Upper Volta Republic (1959).

Regarding the first issue, Scott [1] begins with stamps of Senegal (Sc1-3, Sc8-13) and Mauritania (Sc4-7, Sc14), surcharged. Gibbons [2] continues to lists these in the countries of origin and starts FWA with a semi-postal stamp. The FICC catalogue entry supports Gibbons.