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Iran (Persia)


Asia 2

Iran 1868, not listed by Scott
  Iran 1868, not listed by Scott Iran Sc1  

Imperforate, no watermark, typographed.

Description # printed # issued Scott# SG# Mi Y&T
The first issue, 1868.
2 shahis green
? ? Not listed      
The Baqeri Issue, 1870.
1 shahi dull violet
3,000 ? 1 1a-c    
2 shahis green
5,000 ? 2 2a-c    
4 shahis greenish blue
8,000 ? 3 3a-d    
8 shahis red
6,000 ? 4 4a-g    
The Kardi Issue, August 1875.
Rouletted 10½ on one or two sides.
1 shahi black
40,000 ? 11 5    
2 shahis blue
30,000 ? 12 6    
4 shahis vermilion
30,000 ? 13 7, 7a    
8 shahis yellow green
20,000 ? 14 8,8a    

Gibbons distinguishes between shades in all stamps of the the first issue and paper variants in the 8sh.

All issue quantities are approximate.
There are no Scott #5 - #10.
Forgeries exist.

Printed in blocks of four with colors and on paper bought in the Bazaar. The stamps therefore vary tremendously in appearance.
No stamps are known postmarked, but pen cancellation exist.

In Mr. Sadri's article (see below) you'll find:
"The Rouletted or "Kardi" issue could be considered the first issued stamps after the reorganization and creation of the modern postal system in Iran by Herr Gustave von Riederer. The Kardi stamps was first used between Teheran and the northern suburb of Shemiran in August of 1875."

Mr. Peter Greenway of Iran Philatelic Study Circle (IPSC) wrote us: "I passed your message on to Mr. Mehrdad Sadri of Persiphila who has agreed to prepare an article on the subject of the first issues of Iran for you. Mr. Sadri is a distinguished collector and writer on the subject of the "Lion" stamps (First issues) of Iran." Mr. Sadri certainly kept the promise, just have a look at Iran's First Stamp
We are grateful to Mr. Greenway and Mr. Sadri for their help.

You could visit Rainer's Persia Pages if you wish to see some images. BEWARE: these pages seem to be a little dated.

Shahi is sometimes written chahi.

Walker (see Syria) writes, " IRAN issued its first stamp in 1868 and is relatively uncomplicated philatelically, although one should include Bushire #N1 in the lran section. "

Sources: ScC, SGP16.

Image from Colnect.

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