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Straits Settlements

1st September 1867

incl. Malacca and Penang, 1948

British Colonies 25

str sett

perf 14, elephant's head wmk, print
Printed by De La Rue

Description Indian stamp Overprint colour Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#
Indian stamps overprinted
1½ cents on ½ anna blue
Sc20 SG54
1 1    
2c on 1a brown
Sc22 SG59
2 2    
3c on 1a brown
Sc22 SG59
3 3    
4c on 1a brown
Sc22 SG59
4 4    
6c on 2a yellow
Sc23a SG61
5 5    
8c on 2a yellow
Sc23a SG61
6 6    
12c on 4a green
Sc24 SG69
7 7    
24c on 8a rose
Sc25 SG73
8 8    
32c on 2a yellow
Sc23a SG61
9 9    

Description date issued   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#
2c brown
June 1868
  10 11    
2c yellow-brown
  10a 11a    
2c deep brown
  10b 11b    
4c rose
July 1868
  11 12    
4c deep rose     11a 12a    
6c dull lilac
January 1868
  12 13    
6c bright lilac
  12a 13a    
8c orange-yellow
December 1867
  13 14    
8c orange
  13a 14a    
12c blue
December 1867
  14 15    
12c ultramarine
  14a 15a    
24c blue-green
December 1867
  15 16    
24c yellow-green
  15a 16a    
30c claret
December 1872
  16 17    
32c pale red
December 1867
  17 18    
96c grey
June 1871
  18 19    

Sc13 SG14

Mackay [1] notes, " The Straits Settlements (Singapore, Malacca and Penang) had formed part of the Indian postal administration until September 1867 and accordingly used Indian stamps. When the administration was separated, Indian stamps surcharged in Straits cents were used pending the supply of distinctive stamps by De La Rue in December in the same year." The Cocos (Keeling) Islands were transferred to Straits Settlements on 7th February 1886. Labuan was attached to the colony in 1896 and became the fourth Settlement in 1906 but was transferred to North Borneo in 1946.

Changes of Administration

Japanese Occupation
Occupation handstamp
British Military Administration
1942 ScN1
Malaya SG-J92
  1945 Sc256 SG1 1948 Sc1 SG1 1948 Sc1 SG1

The Straits Setlements were occupied by the Japanese in 1942 and after WW2 British Military Administration (BMA) stamps were used. In 1946 Singapore became a separate Crown Colony and Labuan transfered to North Borneo. Separate stamps were issued for Malacca and Penang and they both joined the Malayan Federation on 1st February 1948.

Sources: JM1 [1], ScC, SGP1.

Images from David Olson, ebay, ScC.

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