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Italian Offices in the Turkish Empire


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Italian Offices Abroad 4

Several of the European powers maintained offices in the Turkish Empire from the late 1800s until Treaty of Lausanne was signed in 1923. Italy (in most cases) began with general issues used throughout the area and gradually moved to more specific issues.

Scott begins all the issues with #1, while Gibbons numbers them sequentially.

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Italy oi Turkey
Albania Sc1
Constantinople SG52
Durazzo Sc1
Janina Sc1
General issue
Janina §
1st Sep 1902
Sc1 SG27
1st Sep 1902
Sc1 SG18
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG52
February 1909
Sc1 SG109
Dec 1902
Sc1 SG117
FICC 401 FICC 369 FICC 406 FICC 407 FICC 372

Jerusalem Sc1
Salonika Sc1
Scutari Sc1
Smyrna Sc1
Valona Sc1
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG125
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG133
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG141
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG151
Feb 1909
Sc1 SG159
FICC 408 FICC 409 FICC 410 FICC 411 FICC 412
Constantinople Sc1
Constantinople printing
1908 Sc6 SG33

Scott regards this as the first of the 1908 general issue. Some (Sc1-5) were overprinted in Turin, others (Sc6-12) were overprinted in Constantinople with the same text but in a different font, shown right. Gibbons lists this Constantinople printing as the first issue for Constantinople itself, but Scott attributes that to the first stamp with the text "Constantinopli".
Gibbons states that the 1908 issue inscribed "ALBANIA" was "[f]or use in post offices at Durazzo, Janina, Scutari and Valona". Gibbons further notes that its 1907 set SG27-29, Albania overprints without the country inscription, "were put on sale at all post offices in the Turkish Empire", thus possibly corresponding with Scott's General Issue.
§ Gibbons does not list an overprint under Janina without the inscription "Janina". Gibbons first, SG117 is Sc5.

Sources: ScS, SGP8.

Images from Colnect, NB, TB.

FI ref: 369, 372, 401, 406-12 Page credit: NB

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