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Maldive Islands

9th September 1906

British colony 60

Maldives Is Sc1-6
  1906 Sc1-6 xxx

perf 14, wmk multiple crowns CA

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Ceylon overprinted
2 cents orange brown   1 1      
3c green   2 2      
4c yellow and blue   3 3      
5c dull lilac   4 4      
15c ultra   5 5      
25c bister   6 6      

Maldives Sc292
1968 Sc292 SG298

Scott [1] states,

"Maldive Islands was a British Protectorate, first as a dependency of Ceylon, then from 1948 as an independent sultanate, except for a year (1953) as a republic. The islands became completely independent on July 26, 1965 and became a republic again on November 11, 1968."

Unusually, the only one of these events acknowledged in stamps was the 1968 republic. This restraint did not last, however as by the early 1970s the Maldives were producing the common plethora of stamps featuring cartoon characters, random sports, spaceflight and so on.

Sources: ScS, SGP1.

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