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1st December 1860

British Colony 13

  Malta Sc2 SG1  

Perf 14, no watermark, typographed.
Printed by De La Rue, London

Description Date Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#
½d buff
1 3    
½d pale buff
1a 3a    
½d brown orange
1b 2    
½d buff, bluish
2 1    

First stamp of the Republic
1975 Sc488 SG536

Malta was administered as a banch of the General Post Office in London, using British stamps and the A25 numeric obliterator until 1885. This Maltese stamp was the only value for 25 years and was only introduced in 1860 because the internal letter rate was reduced to one half-penny and there was no British stamp available for use in Malta.

Changes of Administration

Malta became a republic in 1975.

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Image from David Olson.

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