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St. Lucia

18th December 1860

British Colony 14
Caribbean 6

  St. Lucia #1  

Perf 14-16, watermark small star, engraved
Printed by Perkins Bacon, London

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
(1 penny) undenominated rose red   1 1      
(4d) blue   2 2      
(4d) deep blue   2b 2a      
(6d) green   3 3      
(6d) deep green   3b 3b      


St. Lucia was one of the few colonies to give its custom to Perkins Bacon rather than De La Rue. Mackay [1] notes that the printer "thriftily .. used one plate for the production of all three denominations required ... the values being indicated by the different colours used - red (1d), blue (4d) and green (6d). ... De La Rue took over the contract in 1863."

Sources: JM1 [1], ScC, SGP1.

Image from David Olson.

FI ref: 94 Page credit: NB

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