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18th July 1886

French colony 8
Caribbean 16

  Sc1 Sc2 xxx

perf 14x13½, no wmk, typo
Printed by the Government Printing Works, Paris.

Description Scott SG Mi Y&T  
5 centimes on 20c red, green
spacing 6¾mm
1 1      
spacing 9¾mm 1 1b      
5 centimes on 20c red, green 2 2      

Gibbons' [1] rendering of early Martinique (SG1-SG2, both 1886) is much simpler than Scott's [2] (Sc1-20, covering 1886-91) and so the former is shown.
Gibbons distinguishes two versions of the first surcharge, the text and number being spaced 6¾mm and 9¾mm apart.
The surcharge for SG1 and SG1b is "MARTINIQUE / 5"; for SG2/Sc2 it is "MARTINIQUE / 5c". The catalogue value for SG2/Sc2 is $12,000.

Martinique is similar to, no almost identical to Guadiloupe in that it is in the West Indies, was owned by the French Antilles Co, used French stamps, then French colonies stamps, then issued surcharged FrCols stamps, then dedicated Martinique stamps, then from 1947, regular French stamps.

Sources: ScS [2], SGP6 [1].

Image from colnect, Siegel.

FI ref: 244 Page credit: NB

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