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Cochin China

16th May 1886

French Colonies 7

  Sc1-4 xxx

Description Date Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Surcharges on French Colonies general issues
5 centimes on 25c yellow, straw 1886 1 1      
5c on 2c brown, buff 1887 2 2      
5c on 25c yellow, straw 1886 3 3      
5c on 2c black, rose 1887 4 4      

1888 Sc5

There was a fifth stamp intended stamp intended for use as a postage due label, but not issued.

Located on the Cambodian Peninsular, Cochin China issued surcharges on French Colonies general issues in 1886 and 87 because of a shortage of 5c values, then used unaltered French Colonies stamps until 1892 and then stamps of Indo-China, of which it become a part in 1888.