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Venezuela entities


Venezuela Locals 1, 2  

carupano Sc2
Guayana Sc1
  1902 Sc2 SG238 1903 Sc1 SG250 xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Carupano, typeset, imperf
5 centimos purple, orange (0.05b )   1 237      
10c black, orange (0.10b)   2 238      
25c purple, green (0.25b)   3 239      
50c green, yellow (0.50b)   4 240      
1 bolivar blue, rose   5 241      
1b black, yellow   6 242      
Guayana, typo, perf 12
5c black, grey   1 250      
10c black, orange   2 251      
25c black, pink   3 252      
50c black, blue   4 253      
1b black, straw   5 254      

Gibbons [1] lists these within the main body of Venezuelan stamps.
The Gibbons listing denominates the stamps in fractions of a bolivar, as shown on the stamps.

La Guaira SG1
La Guaira
1864 SG1

Carupano - Great Britain, Germany and Italy blockaded La Guaire in 1902 in pursuit of "revolutionary damages". This isolated the port of Carupano resulting in the use of local provisionals. Sc2 is shown.

Guayana - This state (renamed Bolivar) in south-east Venezuela was the main centre of the rebellion and when it fell, the rebellion ended.

Gibbons also lists a local for La Guaira in 1864, a steamboat service between the mainland and St. Thomas in the Dutch West Indies.

Sources: ScC, SGP20 [1].

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