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Subject Title Author Year Issue
Jammu and Kashmir Forgeries of Jammu and Kashmir Louis Laflamme 2012 v20n2p6
Japan Caveat Emptor (Japan #1) Bob Sylvester 1991 v2n1p4
Japan Four Clues can help you...Japan #1 Bob Sylvester 1997 v6n2p3
Japan The Prefecture Stamps of Japan Tim Balm & Hideki Yamazaki 2004 v12n3p4
Jordan Jordan Floyd Walker 1999 v7n5p2
Jordan The First Stamps of Palestine, Jordan and Israel Tim Balm 2006 v14n4p8
Jubaland (Oltre Giuba) Quick, Where is Jubaland? Floyd Walker 1998 v7n3p5
Kamerun Kamerun, Cameroun, Cameroons Louis Laflamme 2013 v21n1p3
Karabakh Mountainous Republic of Karabakh Revisited Kurt Streepy 2019 v27n4p3
Karabakh One more visit to Artsakh Kurt Streepy 2022 v30n1p3
Karelia Forgeries of Karelia Bob Sylvester 2000 v8n5p3
Katanga Interesting Covers Tim Balm 2000 v8n6p8
Kazakhstan The Kazakhstan Challenges Dan White 2021 v29n2p4
Kiauchau Kiauchau - First Issues and Beer? Bob Sylvester 2006 v14n2p9
Korea Korea's First Issue Bob Sylvester 2002 v10n1p9
Korea Korea's first postage stamp ... Floyd Walker 1997 v6n3p4
Kosovo Featured Stamps in Auction #16 Tim Balm 2000 v8n6p4
Kosovo UN Peace keeping: The UNMIK stamps of Kosovo Tim Balm 2002 v10n4p1
Kotah New Sc#1s - for Indian Feudatory States of Tonk and Kotah Tim Balm 2010 v18n1p2, n2p4
Kotah Kotah Exhibit Pages Jaiswal, Sandeep 2013 v21n2p3
Krajina Stamps from Krajina Tim Balm 2017 v25n2p4
Krajina More on stamps from Krajina Tim Balm 2017 v25n4p6
Kurland Kurland #1 - Short-lived issues... George Zybert 1999 v7n6p3
Kyrgyzstan (KES) A New Sc#1 Stamp - Kyrgyz Express Post Tim Balm 2015 v23n3p6
Kyrgyzstan (KES) Confusing Catalogue Numbering of Kyrgyz Express Post First issue Tim Balm 2015 v23n4p6
Latvia Latvia B1 & Banknotes Floyd Walker 1997 v6n4p5
Latvia Latvia packet yields fun and surprises Tim Balm 1999 v7n6p5
Latvia Latvian Map Puzzle George Zybert 1999 v8n2p16
Latvia Latvia #1: Fakes are worth more... George Zybert 1997 v5n6p1
Latvia Forgeries of the Latvia First Issue: Sc#1 Robert Louie 2008 v16n3p5
Latvia Post Marks on Latvia Map Stamps George Zybert 2009 v17n1p6
Latvia (Vilnius) City of Vilnius has changed countries Floyd Walker 1999 v7n6p6
Leeward Islands Postal History of the Caribbean Jesper Andersen 2004 v12n3p3
Liberia The First Issues of Liberia Bob Sylvester 2002 v10n3p10
Liberia Liberia #1 verses #13 Tim Balm 2011 v19n2p5
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein: a dull #1 but proper Floyd Walker 1998 v6n6p6
Lithuania Lithuania Clark Buchi 1995 v5n1p4
Lithuania Lithuania Local First Issues, Part 1 George Zybert 1999 v8n2p5
Lithuania Lithuania Local First Issues, Part 2 George Zybert 2000 v8n3p5
Lithuania Lithuanian Local First Issues, Part 3 George Zybert 2000 v8n4p5
Lithuania Lithuania's first Issue...challenge! George Zybert 1997 v6n2p1
Lithuania Forgeries of Lithuania #1 (and #2) Tim Balm 2011 v19n4p7
Lithuania Renumbering Lithuania #1N1-12 to Russia #N1-12 Tim Balm 2018 v26n1p4
Lithuania, Raseiniai Lithuania Raseiniai Local Issues Kurt Streepy 2001 v9n3p1
Lottery World's First Lottery Stamp Hideki Yamazaki 2008 v16n3p8
Luxembourg Forgeries of Luxembourg, Scott No. 1 Bob Sylvester 2000 v8n6p7
Macedonia Macedonia Update Clark Buchi 1993 v3n5p3
Macedonia Name change to North Macedonia Tim Balm 2020 v28n4p5
Madeira Madeira and Funchal Bob Sylvester 2008 v16n1p4
Malawi Malawi was known by many names Floyd Walker 1998 v7n3p6
Malaya Malaya Update Clark Buchi 1994 v4n4p6
Malta The First Stamps of Malta Bob Sylvester 2000 v8n4p9
Manamar Interesting Manamar Cover with First Issue Tim Balm 2008 v16n2p4
Marienwerder The first stamps of Marienwerder Bob Sylvester 2003 v11n4p11
Martinique The first stamps of the French Antilles Bob Sylvester 2003 v11n4p9
Mauritius Disappointing Findings of Mauritius #1-2 Reprints Tim Balm 2016 v24n1p6
Mauritius Mauritius Sc#1 Ball Cover Kurt Streepy 2022 v30n1p4
Mayreau New #1: Mayreau editorial 2007 v15n3p4, n4p8
Mayotte Mayotte to Stop Printing Stamps editorial 2011 v19n3p8
Memel Memel Clark Buchi 1992 v3n1p6
Mexico Number 1's of Mexico David Olson 1990 v1n3p4,n4p4
Mexico The Challenge of Collecting Mexico Jaime Benavides 1998 v7n4p1
Mexico About the First Mexican Stamp Rodolfo Vazquez 2005 v13n2p3
Mexico Finding a "weed" in your album (Porte de Mar stamps) Tim Balm 2019 v27n2p7
Middle East The first issues of the middle east countries Floyd Walker 2002 v10n4p9
Moldavia From Moldavia to Romania Jesper Andersen 2003 v11n4p10
Moldova New #1 - Moldova editorial 2005 v13n4p8
Montenegro FICC Member becomes U.S. Press Agent for Montenegro editorial 2006 v14n4p4
Montserrat Do you own...island making headlines Floyd Walker 1997 v6n3p3
Mount Athos New Sc#1 - Greece Regional for Mount Athos editorial 2009 v17n3p11
Mozambique The geography of Mozambique and neighbouring countries Tim Balm 2020 v28n4p5
Mozambique Company First Issues of Mozambique Company Tim Balm 2000 v8n4p3
Mozambique Company Mozambique Co. first issues renumbered in Scott - 2019 v27n1p4
Mustique New #1s - Canouan and Mustique Islands editorial 2004 v12n4p6
Nepal Nepal's First Stamp Valid only in ... Floyd Walker 1998 v7n3p3
Netherlands Antilles The End of the Netherlands Antilles E. Clark Buchi 2011 v19n3p5
Netherlands Indies The First Issues of Netherlands Indies Bob Sylvester 2003 v11n2p10
New Brunswick New Brunswick No.1, 1851 3-penny Red Bob Sylvester 2001 v9n4p9
New Brunswick Illegal Bisects of New Brunswick's First Issues Tim Balm 2007 v15p3p3
New Brunswick The First Issues of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Louis Laflamme 2008 v16n2p5
New Brunswick Interesting Bisects of New Brunswick Louis Laflamme 2013 v21n2p6
New Caldonia New Caldonia #1 Clark Buchi 1992 v2n4p9
New Caledonia New Caledonia No. 1 - 50 Different Types Bob Sylvester 2002 v10n2p1
New Caledonia New Caledonia #1 History Paul Talbot 2014 v22n3p3
New Caledonia Two Triquerat Forgeries Louis Laflamme 2014 v22n4p3
New Caledonia Additional Forgeries of New Caledonia #1 Tim Balm 2014 v22n4p4
Newfoundland The First Issue of Newfoundland Louis Laflamme 2009 v17n3p6
Newfoundland An Ill-Fated First Issue - Newfoundland Sc#C1 Louis Laflamme 2016 v24n1p3
New Hebrides New Hebrides: One Country - Two Stamp-Issuing Authorities Tim Balm 2011 v19n2p8
New Hebrides First stamps of Australasian New Hebrides Company (ANHCo) Tim Balm 2020 v28n4p6
New Republic New Republic David Olson 1991 v1n5p1
New Republic How to Detect a Genuine New Republic First Issue David Olson 2003 v11n1p8
New Republic Mini-Collection of New Republic #1 Stamps Tim Balm 2007 v15n1p4
Nicaragua Nicaragua #1 Bill Wagner 2006 v14n2p3
Nigerias First stamps of the Nigerias Bob Sylvester 2003 v11n3p8
Norfolk Island Paper Varieties of Norfolk Island Sc#1 Tim Balm 2009 v17n1p3
Norfolk Island Norfolk Island Stops Issuing Stamps editorial 2016 v24n4p8
North Borneo Check Those Perforations! Bob Sylvester 1999 v8n1p8
North Borneo North Borneo Sc#1 verses Sc#10 editorial 2005 v13n1p8
North Macedonia Name change to North Macedonia Tim Balm 2020 v28n4p5
Norway Norway #1 FDC in recent auction Kurt Streepy 2019 v27n2p5
Norway Norway Double Foot First Issue Kurt Streepy 2021 v29n4p5
Nova Scotia The First Issues of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Louis Laflamme 2008 v16n2p5
Oldenburg Forgery of Oldenburg #1 Tim Balm 2014+ v22n4p6, V23n1p3
Orange Free State Orange Free State First Stamp Bob Sylvester 1998 v7n4p1
Palestine The First Stamps of Palestine, Jordan and Israel Tim Balm 2006 v14n4p8
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea first issues ... Floyd Walker 1999 v7n6p4
Papua New Guinea Bougainville, possible new first issue Louis Laflamme 2020 v28n1p5
Paraguay Paraguay, Scott #1 Joseph D. Hahn 2000 v8n3p5
Peru Peru First Issues Bob Sylvester 1995 v5n3p1
Peru The 1863 Reprint of Peru #1 Tim Balm 2010 v18n4p8
Peru Need Information About Possible Peru N11 Forgery Tim Balm 2013 v21n4p5
Peru P.S.N.C. First Issue for Peru Kurt Streepy 2022 v30n4p3
Philippines Why I Need a Philippines Stamp Dealer Nick Blackburn 2013 v21n3p4
Pitcairn The First Stamps of Pitcairn Island Everett L. Parker 1998 v7n1p1
Poland From Russia with Love? The First Polish Stamps J. Michael Kilby 2004 v12n2p3
Poland Poland Sc#NL1-4 (German Occ, Rural Delivery) Tim Balm 2006 v14n1p5
Poland Poland's Government in Exile Paul Talbot 2015 v23n1p4
Portuguese Adjacent Islands The #1 Bisects of Angra,Horta,Ponta Delgada & Funchal Tim Balm 2002 v10n2p3
Portuguese India The Lost Colony with a Huge Thirst for Stamps Paul Talbot 2015 v23n4p5
Prince Edward Island The First Issue of Prince Edward Island Louis Laflamme 2008 v16n1p8
Qu’aiti State Qu’aiti State Change of Government Handstamp on Cover Peter Winders, 2023 v31n1p3
Queensland Why are Queensland's First Stamps. Russell Turner 1998 v7n4p3
Rajpeepla Rajpeepla Exhibit Pages Sandeep Jaiswal 2013 v21n3p5
Rattlesnake Island Featured Stamps in Auction #16 Tim Balm 2000 v8n6p4
Rattlesnake Island Covers from Rattlesnake Island Tim Balm 2004 v12n2p8
Rattlesnake Island Will stamps from Rattlesnake Island Local Post start again? Tim Balm 2004, 2006 v12n2p9, v14n3p7
Rhodesia Rhodesia #1 and Ionian Islands #1 Forgeries Tim Balm 2015 v23n2p6
Roman States Of Vatican City and the Roman States of Italy Tim Balm 2005 v13n4p8
Romania From Moldavia to Romania Jesper Andersen 2003 v11n4p10
Ruandi-Urundi Mystery of Ruandi-Urundi Clark Buchi 1992 v2n5p3
Russia From Russia with Love Clark Buchi 1992 v2n5p6
Russia Russian Occupation Stamps Clark Buchi 1992 v3n1p7
Russia Strange Case of Russian Offices Clark Buchi 1992 v2n5p4
Russia, Empire Russian Empire - Russian Civil War Martin Nadel 2015 v23n3p5
Russia Army of the North Forgeries of the Russia Army of the North First issue Robert Louie 2007 v15n4p6
Russian Republics Breakup of the Soviet Union David Olson 1996 v5n4p5
Russia, occupation Renumbering of remaining Russia areas under foreign occupation Tim Balm 2018 v26n1p4

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