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British South Africa Company

British Central Africa

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Date: 20th July 1891

British Colony 49

  BCA #1 FICC#270 BSAC #1 xxx

perf 14, no wmk

Scott [1] lists the BCA overprints as a separate entry under British Central Africa Sc1-Sc73. Gibbons [2] as the beginning of Nyasaland SG1-SG71.
Scott lists the BSACo issues under Rhodesia Sc1-Sc81, as does Gibbons SG1-99.

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
British South Africa Company overprints
1 penny black   1 1      
other values 2d to £10   2-17 2-17      
Rhodesia Sc82
1909 Sc82 SG100 FICC#266

The British South Africa Company administered the territory which eventually became Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The first stamp actually inscribed Rhodesia was a 1905 BSA Co. overprint.

Wood's This is Philately ([3] 1982, vols 2 and 3) explains this elegantly and it is also helpfully depicted in StampWorldHistory. In summary,

Rhodesia and Nyasaland
1954 Sc141 § SG1 FICC#642

§ While Gibbons starts again at #1 for the Federation, Scott lists under Rhodesia: