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1st May 1919

Italian Occupation 2

Dalmatia Sc1
  Sc1 SG76 xxx

perf 14

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Italy surcharged, 1919
una corona on 1 lire brown and green   1 76      
"c" of "corona" omitted     76a      
Stamps of Italy surcharged, 1921-11
5c on 5c to 10cor on 10l   2-8 77-83      

Gibbons [1] lists this as the fourth entry in the category "Austrian Territories Acquired by Italy", following Trentino (SG1-30), Venezia Giulia (SG31-61), and a General Issue (SG62-75).

On the Balkan Peninsula, plus a few islands in the Adriatic Sea. Italy occupied and later annexed the territory during WW1.

Sources: ScC, SGP8.

Image from Virgin Stamps

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