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Far Eastern Republic

September 1920

Russian Entity 4

Far Eastern Republic Sc2
  Sc2 SG20 xxx

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Arms stamps of Russia overprinted
2 kopecks green   2 20      
other values 3k to 1 rouble   2-18 21-31      

Far East Rep. Map

The stamps of F.E.R. are complex both to list and to map across the catalogues. Fortunately, both Scott [1] and Gibbons [2] begin with what they refer to as the Vladivostock issue and the 2 kopek green.

F.E.R. was established as buffer between the Soviets and the Japanese, then in possession of Vladivostock. Russia annexed the area when Japan withdrew in 1922.
The map shown is used on StampNews, Dead Country and Big Blue and therefore deemed to be safely in the public domain.

Sources: ScC[1], SGP10 [2].

Image from Stamp News Now.

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