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Fernando Po(o)

1st July 1868

left Spanish Colony 3

  Fernando Po Sc1 SG1  

perf 14, no wmk, typographed
Printed by the Government Printing Works, Madrid

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
20 centimos brown   1 1      
20c red-brown   1a -      


Fernano Po Province
1960 Sc181 SG220

Generally called Fernando Po, though the stamps are inscribed Fernando Poo, this is an island in the Gulf of Guinea, off West Africa, discovered by Fernão do Poo in 1472. It was the first Spanish Colony to issue stamps. Mackay [1] states that, “For some inexplicable reason (perhaps economy) it was decided to dispense with separate issues for the island, and in December 1868 the stamp was withdrawn. From then until 1879 the stamps of Cuba and Puerto Rico [the second Spanish colony to issue stamps] were employed … identifiable by their postmark, [these] are of considerable interest and rarity. ”

In 1909 Fernando Po, Elobey, Annobon & Corisco and Spanish Guinea became Spanish Territories of the Gulf of Guinea, then reverted to the name of Spanish Guinea in 1949.

In July 1959, Spanish Guinea split into two Overseas Provinces, Fernando Po (including Annobon) and Rio Muni (comprising Rio Muni, Elobey and Corisco).

In October 1968 Fernando Po rejoined Rio Muni to form the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and in 1973 the island changed its name to Macias Nguema Biyoga.