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24th April 1855

left Spanish Colony 2
US Possession 3
left Central America 10 right
Caribbean 19

  Cuba Sc1
Isabella II of Spain

Imperforate, loops watermark , typographed.
Printed on blue paper

Description Scott SG Mi Y&T
½ reales plata blue green 1 1, 1a    
1 rp grey green 2 2, 2a    
2 rp carmine 3 3    
2 rp orange red 4 3a    

Cuba 176
US Administration
US Military Rule
Independent Republic
1898 Sc176 SG203
1898 o/p
1899 Sc227 SG301 1902 Sc232 SG306

Cuba was a Spanish possession when its first stamp was issued on 24th April 1855. The country made several attempts to gain independence and in 1898 the U.S. intervened, eventually leading to the Republic being established in 1902. This gives rise to three change of administration issues: an 1898 overprint for U.S. administration; an 1899 issue under U.S. military rule; and the first issue of the Republic, a 1902 overprint.

LuxN1 LuxN1

Cuba’s minor postal innovation is a 1939 stamp (Sc-C31 SG433) for a Rocket Mail service that never materialised but was nevertheless celebrated this in 1995 with a miniature sheet (Sc3592 SG-MS3915).