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New Hebrides

British and French

29th October 1908, 21st November 1908

- Vanuatu

British colony 64
French colony 29

  1908 Sc2 SG5 1908 Sc1 SG1 xxx

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
British, stamps of Fiji overprinted
½d grey-green 1909 1 4      
2d violet and orange 1908 2 5      
other values 2½d to 1 shilling 1908 3-9 1-3, 6-9      
French, stamps of New Caledonia overprinted
5 centimes green 1908 1 F1      
other values 10c to 1 franc 1908 2-5 F2-F5      

Gibbons [1] sequences the first set very differently from Scott.

50th anniversary
1956 Sc80 SG82
1956 Sc96 SG-F94

These islands in the South Pacific first used the stamps of New South Wales and New Caledonia until the 1906 Anglo-French condominium led to the issue of overprints of Fijian stamps in English and New Caledonian stamps in French in 1908. It is worth noting that the 50th anniversary of the condominium in 1956 was commemorated with a set of stamps including a design showing the figures of Britannia and Marianne beside a local idol.

New Hebrides achieved independence as the state of Vanuatu in 1980.


30th July 1980

Oceania 16

1980 Sc280 SG287

New Hebrides achieved independence as the state of Vanuatu in 1980.

The first set of stamps was available inscribed in English (Sc280-292, SG287E-299E) or in French (Sc280a-292a, SG287F-299F)

Sources: ScS, SGP1, SGP6, JM4.

Image from David Olson, ebay.

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