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Transcaucasian Federated Republics

15th September 1923

Rusian entities 6

  TFR Sc1
Azerbaijan SG66
TFR Sc14 SG1 xxx
perf 14½x15, no wmk
Russian overprint
perf 11½, no wmk, lithographed
Printed at the State Printing Works, Tiflis

The TFR was formed in 1922 from the Soviet republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Initially, stamps continue to be issued for the three constituents (see below), followed by general issues as above. TFR was reabsorbed into the USSR in 1923 and then used Russian stamps thereafter.

Scott begins TFR with Russian overprints (as doed Y&T) and Gibbons once did the same, but Gibbons has moved the overprints back into the Azerbaijan section.

Issues for Armenia
Issues for Azerbaijan
Issues for Georgia
Armenia 1922 Sc334 SG187 Azerbaijan 1922 Sc32 SG38 1922 Sc-B1 SG33

The table below summarises the entire TFR issue from the Scott perspective.

Description   Scott# SG# Mi# Y&T#  
Russian overprints black or red (Gibbons Azerbaijan SG66-74)
10 kopecks on 10k dark blue   1 -   1-7  
other values   2-8 -      
Armenian overprints
various values   9-13 -   7A-8  
General Issues, pictorials
40,000 rubles red violet   14 1   9  
other values 75,000r - 500,000r   15-21 2-8   10-16  
Pictorials surcharged
700,000 rubles on two values   22-23 9-10   24-5  
Pictorials valued in gold kopecks
1-18 gold kopecks   25-31 11-17   17-23  

Handstamped Armenian overprints are listed by Scott under Armenia and these are described as "overprinted on stamps of Armenia previously handstamped". Gibbons lists them all inder Armenia in such variety (SG9-181) as to make matching between the catalogues impossible.

Sources: ScS, SGP10, YTC.

Image from David Olson, dcstamps, Wikipedia, ebay, Delcampe.

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