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Southern Rhodesia
and Zimbabwe

Date 1st April 1924

British Colony 76

Africa 48

  Sc1 xxx

perf 14, no wmk, engraved
Printed by Waterlow

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
½ penny dark green   1 1      
1d scarlet   2 2      
1½d bister brown   3 3      
2d violet black and black   4 4      
3d deep blue   5 5      
4d orange-red and black   6 6      
6d violet and black   7 7      
8d grey-green and violet   8 8      
10d rose-red and black   9 9      
1 shilling turquoise blue and black   10 10      
1/6 yellow and black   11 11      
2/- yellow and black   12 12      
2/6 black-brown and black   13 13      
5/- blue-green and black   14 14      

1980 Sc414 SG576

The British South Africa Company administered the territory which eventually became Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The full history is given on the British Central Africa page and see also the StampWorldHistory schematic.

This area was under the British South Africa Company until 1924, became Southern Rhodesia until 1954 when it joined Rhodesia and Nyasaland until that broke up in 1963, and it became just Rhodesia. In 1965, the (white) prime minister declared independence but this was not recognised by Britain (nor by the US or the UN). After "a period of unrest and virtual civil war", free elections were held and in April 1980 it became the independent nation of Zimbabwe.

Sources: ScS, SGP1.

Image from colnect.

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